Costa Coffee, Stoke on Trent

This development is a semi-detached building consisting of 2 single-story units. Unit 1 is Class A1/A3 and is a Costa coffee shop with an outdoor seating area and two air conditioning condensers, whilst Unit 2 is A1/A3/A5. The Costa building has been carefully designed to sit comfortably next to the adjacent retail park, making efficient use of the site. The benefits of the scheme include local employment, financial investment in the retail park and attracting additional footfall, improved customer choice and bringing a new use to a site that has been closed for some time. 

Project info
  • Client:

    Godwin Developments

  • Category:


  • Status:


  • Location:

    Stoke on Trent, Longton

  • Role:

    RIBA stages 0-7