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Our passion for responsible, uplifting and beautiful design has informed our approach since inception. When Mark Bridge began his venture, he was led by a strong belief that innovative architectural thought has the power to shape and transform our towns and cities.

Mark has used his skills and experience in reinforcing these guiding principles across a portfolio of work ranging from masterplans to one off bespoke buildings. At Ophir we strive to provide a creative and bespoke approach to every opportunity. Collaborating with our aspirational clients, communi­ties and design teams, we harness their passion, knowledge and expertise to evolve powerful and pragmatic solutions. Remaining acutely aware of the impact of our decisions, we embrace the opportunity to show everyone that high quality design brings added value.

Ophir Architecture Ltd offer a wide range of services for their clients, these may be considered as a complete process from inception through to completion on site or selected as deemed necessary. We can provide more information on request.

Architectural Services RIBA stages 0-7

Ophir offer the full remit of services from inception through to completion., Every project in the office is overseen by either the director or associate ensuring that a senior member of the team is fully involved with an experienced team of architects and technicians that have proven track records of delivering successful projects and working in collaboration with other professionals.

Ophir provide full remit of architectural services from RIBA stages 0 through to 7 and have a vast experience in may architectural sectors with a team that has experience in residential, high rise, student living, care homes, industrial, drive thru, retail, hotels, car parks, care homes, leisure, healthcare and many other sectors.

Principal Designer

The role of Principal Designer can be complex and requires many skills including technical, health & safety management and people management skills, at Ophir we have the skills knowledge and experience to undertake the duties of the Principal Designer as defined by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. We undertake the planning, management and monitoring of health and safety during the pre-construction phase from inception to completion.

From the start of our appointment, we provide the Client with the confidence that all parties involved in the project are compliant with the CDM Regulations and we proactively encourage good communication and coordination to ensure the design team manage and mitigate any health and safety risks identified.

We have successfully undertaken the key duty holder role of Principal Designer and previously CDM Coordinator and Planning Supervisor on a range of complex projects across various sectors. Ophir’s principal designers have a thorough understanding and competence in developing CDM processes throughout a project and are experienced in providing professional Health and Safety advice to Clients and Designers.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveyors advise on financial and contractual matters relating to, and prepare bills of quantities for, construction projects and provide other support functions concerning the financing and materials required for building projects.

From the start of our appointment, Ophir can provide involvement from our Quantity Surveyors to look at the feasibility of planned construction or repair efforts, they assist the design team in ensuring the viability of a project from a an early stage, ensuring the Client is kept informed along the process.

We can remain as overseers during the capital expenditure phases of development. This means we are involved, often on the site, through to the completion of construction, keeping a constant eye on the forecasted and actual costs, as well as being required to react quickly to problems and changes in specifications with updated costings and feasibility reviews.

Project Management

Construction Project Management (CPMA) is the complete planning, coordination, and control of a project from concept to completion. CPMA is focused on meeting the client’s requirements to produce an effective and financially viable project.

Master Planning

From estate regeneration to urban extensions, we formulate coherent and integrated design solutions that are sustainable, sensitive and contextual to the specific place. Our agenda is to always produce community based places where people want to live.

Visuals and Virtual Reality

Ophir can produce photographic quality visuals and mixed reality, which assist in effectively communicating design ideas. This can help our clients, the local communities and planners we work with to better understand the appearance of the buildings and places we design. We produce both 2D illustrations and 3D photo-realistic images for a multitude of different projects throughout the practice including interiors, individual homes, rural developments and urban regeneration.

We can also create 3D floor plans long before a development is complete to provide the end-user with a better understanding of the space and form. This allows greater time for our clients to advertise and raise awareness of their developments.

Our innovative team is always aiming to achieve more for each client, working together to ensure the best approach is carried out for each and every scheme. When creating the images, communicating ideas clearly is key to enabling our clients to secure development funding, planning permissions and carry out meaningful stakeholder engagement.

With us today to ask any questions or to start work with us. What can’t wait to show you what we can do.

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