Cheltenham Meadows

Cheltenham Meadows

Cheltenham – Cheltenham Meadows

Client: Seven Homes

Status: Reserved matters planning application submitted for Phase 1


86 residential dwellings consisting of 2,3,4,5-bedroom homes which is made up of 52 Private Sale and 34 Affordable units.

  • Heavily constrained site

Located on the edge of picturesque Cheltenham, Gloucester, on a green belt site Cheltenham Meadows is set to deliver 86 new home as part of phase 1, on site measuring 3.14 ha.

Our team have approached the design of the Old Gloucester Road development with the prioritisation of strong place-making from the outset. The design uses an elegantly simple block structure formed around an attractive and functional open space.  The POS will be well over looked by resident dwellings and will be a key identity forming feature of the development and will be the fulcrum for interactions between residents.

The site is framed with composed building facades, using a simple traditional architectural elegance, with uncluttered facades and large areas of glazing to maximise interior daylighting.

Our proposals deliver a total of 86 homes including 40% affordable units. The private dwellings include units of 2 – 5 bedrooms, whilst the affordable mix is made up of 1 to 3-bed dwellings to meet local housing needs. Overall, our design will deliver a mixed tenure integrated community that can take pride in their environment and acts as a positive exemplar for future development.